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Officers and Chairs of Committees

Julie Adamik


Our president, Julie, has been a member of the Carlsbad Garden Club since 2015. Upon retirement
she decided she would like to grow flowers like her mom and grandmother. After several failed
attempts she decided that she needed help. That’s when she joined the CGC. Admitting she was a
total beginner, she asked for help. When questioned about what she was “feeding” her flowers, her
response was, “Huh? What do you mean feed them?” Today she’s the proud parent of over 50
gorgeous rose bushes. Mom would be proud!
In a former life, Julie spent 45 years in Human Resources after obtaining a BSBA from San Diego
State University. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio she lives in Carlsbad with her husband, John, and
their four-legged, fury son Riley Doogles.

Laura Pena


In my almost three years with our club, I have managed the calendar of volunteers for the Agua
Hedionda Lagoon cart, planned potlucks, and chaired two plant sales.  And now, I'm honored to be
the new vice president!  
Before joining the CGC, I taught 2nd-4th grades in the Encinitas Union School District for 30 years. 
My husband, Ted and I live in Encinitas.  We have two adult children, and one 9-month-old
grandson, Bennett.  Our dog, Maggie, is an important family member too.
When I'm not gardening, I enjoy traveling in our RV, reading, genealogy, and cooking.
Gardening has always been an interest of mine, but I didn't have much time for it while working and
growing a family.  Now, I enjoy the time I have to learn from the knowledgeable, and kind gardeners
of the Carlsbad Garden Club!  I count myself fortunate to be a member!

Marty Burnstein


Our Treasurer, Marty joined the Carlsbad Garden Club in 2019 after moving from Valley Center.
While living in Valley Center he was the Treasurer of the Kiwanis Club of Valley Center. He
became Treasurer of the garden club in 2020. Marty enjoys gardening but he says he is better with
numbers. Marty and Karen have four children and six grandchildren. Marty has an MBA. Before
retiring he held various management positions in large consumer products and technology
companies. He is on the Board of Directors of his HOA. In addition to gardening Marty enjoys
sports and traveling.

Stevie Hall

Coming Soon


Committee Chairpersons

The following are chairs of their respective committees

  • Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation: 

  • Annual Garden Tour: 

  • Club Directory:  Maria Mayo

  • Decorations:

  • Discovery Group: 

  • Exchange Table:  

  • Facilities for General Meeting: Rosita Sisson 

  • Greeters and New Member Partners:  Maria Mayo

  • Historian: 

  • Holiday Activity:  Leigh Haddad

  • Horticulture:  Doug Hansen

  • Hospice of the North County:  

  • Internet Presence:  Jennifer Campbell

  • Membership:  Maria Mayo

  • Palomar District Delegate:

  • Pennies for Pines:  Katy Gibson

  • Petals for Patriots:  

  • Plant Cart Sales at Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation: 

  • Plant Sales:  

  • Potlucks: Laura Pena

  • Publicity: 

  • Refreshments:  Rosita Sisson 

  • Scholarships and Grants: 

  • Sunshine:  Nancy Stock

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